April 27th
Name: Koby
Age: 16
Favorite Band: 3 doors down
Favorite Game: Star Ocean 3
Favorite Food: French Fries
Favorite Dessert: Vanilla Icecream

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Aug 11, 2005
Me.. with a blog? eh?
I would have never thought I would be one to have a blog. But eh. Hopefully I have time to update it. Let's see. Today I woke up not feeling well so I laid down for a little bit but couldn't sleep so I got on the computer, but got off so I could watch some tv. It is boring living in apartments since there is like nothing to do and with my mom at work I couldn't go no where. So here I was stuck in the lousy apartment. Nothing on tv at the time but soap opera's. So I watched the young and the restless. I feel asleep during it is was so boring. I woke up later and the bold and the beautiful was on. My gawd where do they come up with these retarded names? Anyways my grandma called my cellphone and said she would bring me a burger. So once she got here I ate it and she left.

I once again got back online.. by this time the darn as the world turns was on. O.o No one was posting much at any of the forums I go to. I began to get a headache so I went to lie down for a bit. My mom called me and was bringing mc donalds home. Not knowing I already ate. So when she got here I ate my double meat cheese burger, drank half my 32 ounce sprite, and ate half my fries. I went to sleep.. xD Anyways later on I woke up and began writing from FF7: DoC content for my site, and working on designing a better layout for a hostee of mine. Once I was finished. I saw one of my friends blogs. Decided to make one, and chose blogdrive as I have heard of them before. So without hestitating I signed up, filled in my profile page.

And began wasting my time typeing this three paragraph good for nothing blog entry! xD Oh well. I wonder if anyone will actuall see or even read this.

Have fun,

Posted at 12:40 am by ChaoXide
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